Meet Kim Johnson & Connie Greco
co-founders of Creative Property Sourcing

California REALTOR® Kim Johnson and his wife, Connie Greco, founded Creative Property Sourcing with one goal: to help property owners who are in distress due to impending foreclosure, divorce, or the death of a loved one.


The duo serves distressed property owners in Los Angeles County, Kern County, Ventura County, San Bernardino County and Riverside County. They also provide service to investors and prospective homeowners who have the cash resources to purchase quickly.


While they do purchase houses themselves, their primary focus is on helping people solve problems. They look for the best solution to individual situations by listening to their clients’ fears, concerns, and worries. For some, selling the house may not be the best option.


In that case, Kim and Connie help them connect with the right people to refinance, find private money loans to get across temporary hurdles, or connect with legal services to help with a difficult mortgage company.


Whatever path the clients choose, Kim and Connie are there to offer emotional support and comfort while protecting them from scammers who prey on homeowners in distress. They don’t just point people in the right direction, they hold their hands and follow up. Helping people save their homes is a joy they embrace.


Kim has 45 years of experience in the many facets of commercial real estate. A skilled architect, he has a knack for translating feelings, desires, and dreams into roofs, walls, and interior design. He’s an expert contract writer and negotiator, having negotiated Billions of dollars in contracts over his career. He now uses those negotiation skills to assist homeowners in distress. Thanks to his degree in psychology and his years of experience, he knows how to ask the right questions to help clients provide the best information. He’s also skilled at helping them manage their own expectations.


Connie is a computer expert, an accountant, and a tax pro. Her impeccable attention to detail often adds significant protection to clients in difficult situations. She is also skilled at anticipating and fulfilling needs even before her clients are aware of those needs, and she has a knack for finding viable alternatives by reviewing situations “from the 20,000-foot level.”


When not helping clients, both Kim and Connie enjoy spending time at home and playing with their dogs. Kim enjoys motorcycling riding, and Connie enjoys web and database design, reading, and being involved in environmental activities. She also works with Get Help, Inc, a group that assists in helping solve homelessness, mental health, and drug addiction problems. In addition, for the past 20 years she has been part of a fellowship that works to help recovering addicts get clean and sober. 


Kim and Connie get immense satisfaction from finding solutions that allow their clients to move on with their lives. Being of service while alleviating distress is their ultimate goal.


Creative Property Sourcing is truly
committed to helping each individual
customer. The focus is on fast response time, integrity, and over-delivering on
customer service.


The goal at CPS is to help  others triumph over distressful financial situations. By offering win-win solutions we strive to provide others with the opportunities to realize their dreams.


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